MVS 3.8J
Over the years I have retained a hardcopy listing of the SYS1.PARMLIB from the MVS System I maintained as a systems programmer back in 1981.  I have re-entered the SYS1.PARMLIB members and successfully completed an IPL.  A few modifications have been made to as necessary for the environment I am running under Hercules.  The errors in the comments have been retained just as they were in the original SYS1.PARMLIB (just for fun)!  I never thought that I would see these in use again after April 1981.  

I have provided some basis documentation for the MVS Initialization and Tuning Parameters in SYS1.PARMLIB.  This documentation is based on my old OS/VS2 System Programming Library: Initialization and Tuning GC28-0681-3 (April 1978).  I have attempted to summarize the basic information for each PARMLIB member.

  • COMMND00     Commands issued immediately after initialization.
  • GTFPARM      Parameters to control GTF when started.
  • IEAABD00     Default parameters for SYSABEND dumps.
  • IEAAPF00     Names of authorized program libraries.
  • IEABLD00     Modules to be placed in a resident BLDL table.
  • IEADMP00     Default parameters for SYSUDUMP dumps.
  • IEADMR00     Default parameters for SYSMDUMP dumps.
  • IEAFIX00     Modules to be fixed in real storage.
  • IEAIPS00     SRM performance options.
  • IEALOD00     LPA modules to be placed in real storage.
  • IEALPA00     Modules to be placed in temporary LPA.
  • IEAPAK00     Pack List, modules to be loaded between page boundaries.
  • IEAOPT00     SRM performance options.
  • IEASYS00     Mother of all all PARMLIB members.
  • IKJPRM00     TIOC Parameters for TSO/TCAM buffers
  • IRBMF100     MF/1 options and parameters.
  • JES2PARM     JES2 parameters. (Comments, but no doc for this member).
  • LNKLST00     Data sets to be concatenated to SYS1.LINKLIB
  • MVIKEY00     MSSC control parameters.
  • PARMTZ       Time Zone constant.
  • SMFPRM00     SMF options.
  • TSOKEY00     TSO/VTAM options.
  • VATLST00     Volume mount and use attribute list.