MVS 3.8J

IEALPA00 -- Names of re-entererable modules from LINKLIB, SVCLIB, and LPALIB as a temporary adition (MLPA) to the PLPA.


Parameter in IEASYSxx:


MLPA=(aa,bb, . . .)



  1. In effect only for the current IPL.

  2. IEALPAxx may be used to temporarly add or replace SVC or ERP routines.

  3. Another possible application would be the testing of replacement LPA modules that have been altered by PTSs.

  4. Modules that have been replaced via IEALPAxx are not physically removed from the pageable LPA or from the LPA directory.  They are logically replaced.

  5. If the first load module of a type 3 or 4 SVC routine is added or replaced, the SVC table is updated as required.


  • Place the data set name first on the initial record, followed by at least one blank.

  • Module names are listed following the blank(s).

  • Indicate continuation by a comma after the last name on all records, except the last.

  • Do not include the data set name on continued records.

  • Place a new data set name at the beginning of a record.

  • You may use either major or alias names, or both.