MVS 3.8J

IEADMR00 -- Default parameters for an ABEND dump when a SYSMDUMP dd statement has been specified.

SDATA=(NUC,SQA,LSQA,SWA,TRT,RGN)                                        00050033

Parameter in IEASYSxx:



ABDUMP parameters for a dump to be taken can be specified in three ways:

  1. The DUMPOPT keyword of an ABEND macro instruction.
  2. Initial dump options specified in IEADMP00.  These options are added to the options specified on the dump request parameter list.
  3. System dump options altered by the CHNGDUMP operator command.  Options can be added or deleted from the option list.


  • There is one keyword, SDATA.  The keyword is followed by a string of operands separated by a comma and enclosed in parenthesis.  A single operand does not need parenthesis.
  • If the operands are specified on multiple card images, indicate continuation by a trailing comma followed by a blank.


ALLSDATA All of the following options are automatically specified.
NUC Control program nucleus.  SQA, LSQA, and the PSA are included
SQA System queue area
LSQA Local system queue area for the address space, including subpools 229 and 230.
SWA Scheduler work area for the failing task.
CB Control blocks related to the failing task.
ENQ Enqueue control blocks (QCBs and QELs) related to the failing task.
TRT GTF or supervisor trace table depending on whether the ABEND occurs after or during and IPL, and whether the TRACE ON command was issued at IPL.
LPA Contents of the active link pack area for the address space.
CSA Common service area subpools that are not fetch protected.
RGN Private area for the address space region.