MVS 3.8J

LNKLST00 -- List of data sets concatenated to SYS1.LINKLIB.

SYS1.LINKLIB,SYS1.CMDLIB,SYS3.LINKLIB                                  00000001

Parameter in IEASYSxx


LNK=(aa,bb, . . .)


  1. You may set up any number of LNKLSTxx members, although no more than 15 libraries may be concatenated to LINKLIB in the life of a single IPL.

  2. Each library can have up to 16 extents.

  3. Any library listed in LNKLST00 or LNKLSTxx is automatically authorized, since LINKLIB is authorized.

  4. LNKLST-name libraries must be cataloged in the system master catalog.


  • Place on each record a string of data set names separated by commas.

  • Indicate continuation by placing a comma followed by at least one blank after the last name on a record.

  • Make sure that the total number of data sets, excluding LINKLIB, contained in all the specified LNKLST members doesn't exceed 15.

  • If you place the name SYS1.LINKLIB on any record in any LNKLST member, the name will be ignored.

  • Do not specify the same library more than once in a succession of LNKLSTxx members.  The library will be concatenated as many times as it is listed.