MVS 3.8J

PARMTZ -- Time zone constant:  the value by which local time differs from Greenwich Mean Time.


Parameter in IEASYSxx



  • Contains the time zone constant (the value in hours, minutes, seconds) by which the local time differs from Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and the direction, east or west, from Greenwich.

  • The timezone constant can be set at sysgen time via the TZ keyword of the CTRLPROG macro.

  • The timezone constant can be overridden by adding a PARMTZ member to PARMLIB.

  • The operator can change the time-of-day clock by responding to a system message at initialization (if allowed by the TOD keyword in COMMNDxx).

  • Only local time can be changed after an IPL by means of the operator SET command.


  1. The member consists of one record

  2. The member uses the syntax  D,HH[.MM[.SS]]


D is either "E" or "W" to specify a time zone east or west or Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

HH specifies the number of hours deviation from GMT (00-12)

MM specifies the number of minutes. Optional parameter. (00-59)

SS specifies the number of seconds. Optional parameter (00-59)