MVS 3.8J

IEAPAK00 -- Names of groups of modules in LPALIB that NIP will load between page boundaries to minimize page faults.


Parameter in IEASYSxx



  1. Each group ideally should not exceed 4K bytes in size.
  2. If a group exceeds 4K, the module in the group that causes 4K to be exceeded, and all later modules in the sam group, will be loaded at the next page boundary.
  3. In contrast, NIP loads other modules (not specified in IEAPAK00) in size order, the largest modules first, then the smaller modules.
  4. Unused spaces within page boundaries are filled, if possible, with modules smaller than 4K.
  5. This parameter is used only when the CLPA parameter is specified.


  • The member consists of groups or entries containing load module names.
  • Each group is enclosed in parenthesis.
  • The modules listed in each group should not exceed 4K bytes in total size.
  • Separate modules within each group by commas.
  • Separate each group from the next by a comma following the closing parenthesis.
  • Do not use alias module names.  NIP processes only major names.
  • All named modules must be reentrant, since LPA modules must have this attribute.