MVS 3.8J

IEAFIX00 -- Names of moduels from SYS1.LPALIB, SYS1.SVCLIB, and SYS1.LINKLIB to be fixed in real storage for the life of the IPL.

SYS1.LPALIB  IEAVAR00,    /* 6818 RCT INIT/TERM     */                  00000010
             IEWFBOSV,    /* 6348 PROGRAM FETCH     */                  00000020
             IEWMSEPT,    /*  FETCH ALIAS SEE ABOVE */                  00000030
             IGC0001F,    /* 5072 PURGE(SVC16)      */                  00000040
             IGC0001G,    /*  368 RESTORE(SVC17     */                  00000050
             IGC0003C,    /* 2656 IO HALT           */                  00000060
             IGC0004F,    /* 3000 TTIMER            */                  00000070
             IGC0004G,    /* 3000 STIMER            */                  00000080
             ISTRACCA,    /* ACF-VTAM               */                  00000090
             ISTRACTB,    /* ACF-VTAM               */                  00000100
             ISTRAFD1,    /* ACF-VTAM               */                  00000110
             ISTRAMA1,    /* ACF-VTAM               */                  00000120
             ISTRAMA2,    /* ACF-VTAM               */                  00000130
             ISTAPC61     /* ACF-VTAM               */                  00000140

Parameter in IEASYSxx:


FIX=(aa,bb, . . .)



  1. Modules specified in IAXFIXxx are loaded and fixed in the order in which they are named in the member and packed without respect to page boundaries.

  2. The modules' CDEs are palced on the active LPA queue for easy access by the program manager.

  3. If the first load module of a type 3 or 4 SVC routine is specified, the SVC table is updates as required.

  4. There is a maximum size that the fixed area of real storage can occupy.  The maximum space taken up by the nucleus, the fixed BLDL table, the fixed LPA, RMS, page frame table, etc. cannot exceed half of real storage, up to a maximum of 2 megabytes.

  5. The modules to include in the above list was determined with help from IBM for our specific environment in our shop back in late 1979.


  • The first record should start with the name of the data set from which modules will be taken (SYS1.LINKLIB, SYS1.SVCLIB, or SYS1.LPALIB), followed by at least one blank.

  • The module names from the specified data set follow the blank(s).

  • Module names are separated by commas.

  • Names may be either major or alias names.

  • To continue the list, place a comma and at least one blank after the last module name.  Omit the data set name on the following record(s) until the data set name changes.

  • Place the next data set name at the start of a new record, followed by at least one blank and a string of module names.

  • Do not place a comma after the last module name of the last data set.