MVS 3.8J

IEASYS00 -- 

APF=00,                      AUTHORIZATION LIST                         00000010
APG=07,                      AUTOMATIC PRIORITY GROUP IS 7              00000020
BLDLF=BA,                                                               00000030
CMD=00,                      SET TOD PROMPT,SDUMP,TRACE ON              00000040
CSA=2048,                    SET CSA SIZE                               00000050
DUMP=DASD,                   PLACE SVC DUMPS ON DASD DEVICES            00000060
DUPLEX=SYS1.DUPLEX,                                                     00000070
FIX=00,                      FIX MODULES                                00000080
CVIO,                        CLEAR VIO D/S                              00000090
HARDCPY=(30E,                HARDCOPY DEVICE                            00000100
         ALL,                RECORD ALL WTO/WTOR WITH ROUTE CODES       00000110
         CMDS),              RECORD ALL COMMANDS AND RESPONSES          00000120
IPS=06,                            EG PERFORMANCE OPTIONS               00000130
LNK=00,                      SPECIFY LNKLST00 AS LINK LIST              00000140
LOGCLS=W,                    JES2 LOG TO GO TO JCL-ON-DISK              00000150
LOGLMT=999999,               MUST BE 6 DIGITS, MAX WTL MESSAGES QUEUED  00000160
MAXUSER=36,                  (SYS TASKS + INITS + TSOUSERS) < 36        00000170
PAGNUM=(3,2),                ALLOW ADDITION OF 3 PAGE D/S & 2 SWAP D/S  00000180
OPI=YES,                     ALLOW OPERATOR OVERRIDE TO IEASYS00        00000190
OPT=00,                      SPECIFY IEAOPT00 (SRM TUNING PARAMETERS)   00000200
PAGE=(SYS1.PAGELPA,                 PLPA                                00000210
      SYS1.PAGECSA,                 COMMON                              00000220
      SYS1.PAGEL01,                 USER 1                              00000230
      SYS1.PAGEL02)                 USER 2                              00000240
 REAL=128,                                                              00000250
RSU=0,                       NO RECONFIG STORAGE UNITS                  00000260
SMF=00,                      SELECT SMFPRM00, SMF PARMETERS             00000270
SQA=6,                       SIZE=(3+3)*64K=384K VIRTUAL STORAGE        00000280
SWAP=(SYS1.PAGES01),         SYSTEM SWAP DATASET                        00000290
VAL=00,                      SELECT VATLST00                            00000300
VRREGN=64,                   DEFAULT REAL-STORAGE REGION SIZE           00000310
WTOBFRS=250,                 SET NUMBER OF WTO BUFFERS                  00000320
WTOEPLY=10                   SET NUMBER OF WTOR BUFFERS                 00000330
/* THIS COMPLETES THE SYSP LIST                                         00000340
CLPA                         RE-CREATION OF PLPA IS OPERATOR CHOICE     00000360
MLPA=                        NO MLPA PARAMETERS                         00000370
NUCMAP                                                                  00000380
PURGE                        DO NOT DEMOUNT MSS VOLUMES                 00000390
SYSP=00                      SPECIFIED BY OPERATOR AT IPL               00000400
                             NOT A VALID PARMETER FOR IEASYSXX          00000410


Parameter Meaning and Use



APF=xx Names the parmlib member (IEAAPFxx) that contains authorized data set names. N/A




alone are


APG=nn Specifies the priority value of the automatic priority group for use by the system resource manager. 7 0-13



Names the parmlib member (IEABLDxx) that lists module names that are to be palced in a pageable or ifxed BLDL table.  The choice of BLDL or BLDLF determines which NIP will build. N/A

BLDL=00 or


CLPA Tells NIP to load the link pack area with the modules contained in SYS1.LPALIB.  Also purges VIO data sets that were used in the previously initialized system.  Thus CLPA implies CVIO. N/A N/A


CMD=(aa,bb, . . .)

Completes the name of the parmlib member (COMMNDxx) that contains commands to be issued internally during master scheduler initialization.  COMMNDxx also controls prompting during TOD clock initialization. N/A CMD=00
CSA=nnnn Specifies the size of the common service area in multiples of 1K bytes rounded to the next segment (64K) boundary. 0-9999


(This means

128K since it

is rounded up)

CVIO Deletes previously used VIO data sets from the paging space.  This parameter is automatically included when CLPA is specified. N/A None






    unitaddr1, . . .)

Specifies whether SYS1.DUMP data sets for SVC Dump are to be on direct access device(s) or tape, and names the unit address(es) if tape is to be used.  This parameter can also indicate that no SYS1.DUMP data sets are to be made available for SVC dumps.

  • NO - specifies that no dump data sets will be available for SVC dump

  • DASD - specifies that the currently cataloged SYS1.DUMPnn data sets (if any) on permanently resident direct access volumes, are to be used.

  • L - is used with DASD to specify that cataloged SYS1.DUMPnn datasets are to be listed on the operator's console, with the status of empty or full.  A message prompts the operator for the names of full data sets that he does not want to print.  SVC dump will reuse these data sets.

  • (TA, unitaddr1, unitaddr2 . . .) - specifies that the tape unit at unitaddr is to be used as an SVC dump data set.

DUPLEX=dsname Specifies a duplex page data set name or overrides the existing duplex data set name.  This parameter is ignored on quick starts or warm starts. N/A None


FIX=(aa,bb, . . .)

Completes that name of one or more parmlib members (IEAFIXxx) that contain names of modules from SVCLIB, LINKLIB, and LPALIB that are to be placed in a fixed LPA that lasts for the life of the IPL. N/A FIX=00


(dev, rout, cmds)

Specifies a hardcopy log and indicates the types of commands, responses, and mesages that will appear on the log device.
  • dev specifies the hardcopy device.  It is specified either as the unit address of a hardcopy device or SYSLOG to specify the system log as the hardcopy log.
  • rout  specifies the the routine codes of messages that the hardcopy log will receive.  The list must be specified in parentheses and separated by commas.  The value ALL may be specified to indicate that all WTO and WTOR messaged issued with routing codes will be displayed on the hardcopy log.
  • cmds specifies which operator commands and responses will be displayed.  The options are:
    • CMDS  specifies the operator commands, and system commands and responses, will be displayed.
    • INCMDS specifies that operator commands, system commands, and in-line responses will be displayed.
    • STCMDS specifies that operator commands, system commands, in-line responses, and static status displays will be written out.
    • NOCMDS specifies that no commands or responses will be displayed.

Determined by



IPS=xx Completes the name of the parmlib member (IEASYSxx) from which the system resources manager (SRM) will obtain the installation performance specification. N/A IPS=00


LNK=(aa,bb, . . .)

Complete the name of one or more parmlib members (LNKLSTxx) that contain names of data sets that are to be concatenated to LINKLIB. N/A LNK=00
LOGCLS=x Specifies the JES output class for the log data sets.



LOGLMT=nnnnnn Specifies the maximum number of WTL's (messages) for a log data set.  When the limit is reached, the data set is scheduled for sysout processing.



MAXUSER=nnnn Indicates the maximum number of address spaces that can be located by means of the address space vector table (ASVT).  Sets a limit on the number of concurrent address spaces. 0-9999 256


MLPA=(aa,bb, . . .)

Completes the name of one or more parmlib members (IEALPAxx) that name modules to be placed in a temporary LPA extension. N/A None



Indicates whether the operator is to be allowed to override particular parameters, or all parameters, contained in IEASYSxx.



OPT=xx Indicates the name of a parmlib member (IEAOPTxx) that contains tuning parameters to be used by the resource algorithms of the system resource manager. N/A None



     . . .[,L])


Gives the names of newpage data set to be used as additions to or replacements for existing page data sets.  The first-named data set is intended for exclusive placement of the PLPA.  The second-named data sets for exclusive placement of MLPA and CSA.  The third and all subsequently named data sets are used as local page data sets.   N/A None
PAGNUM=(pp,s) Specifies the number of page and swap data sets that can be added to the system after IPL by the PAGEADD command.





PURGE Demounts all mass storage system volumes. N/A None
REAL=nnnn Specifies the maximum amount of real storage, in 1K blocks, that can be allocated for concurrent ADDRSPC=REAL jobs. 0-9999 76
RSU=xx Specifies the number of storage units that will be available for storage reconfiguration in an MP system. 0-99 0
SMF=xx Specifies a parmlib member (SMFPRMxx) from which SMF will obtain its parameters. N/A SMF=00
SQA=nn Gives the number of additional 64K segments of the virtual system queue area to be created at IPL. 0-999 1



        dsn2, . . .)

Specifies the names of new swap data sets to be used as additions to or replacements for existing swap data sets. N/A None


SYSP=(aa,bb, . . .)

Specifies one or more alternate system parameter lists (IEASYSxx) that are to be read by NIP in addition to IEASYS00.  SYSP may be specified only by the operator. N/A SYSP=00


VAL=(aa,bb, . . .)

Names one or more parmlib members (VATLSTxx) that contain mount and use attributes of direct access devices. N/A VAL=00
VRREGN=nnnn Gives the default real-storage region size for an ADDRSPC=REAL job step that does not have a REGION parameter in its JCL. 0-9999 64
WTOBFRS=nnnn Specifies the number of buffers that the write-to-operator (WTO) routines will use for operator messages. 20-9999 20
WTORPLY=nnn Specifies the number of operator reply elements to be used by the write-to-operator-with-reply (WTOR) routines. 5-100 5