MVS 3.8J

IEAAPFXX - Names of APF authorized libraries.

SYS1.VTAMLIB MVSRES,                                                   00000001
SYS1.INDMAC MVSRES                                                     00000006

Parameter in IEASYSxx: 




  1. SYS1.LINKLIB and SYS1.SVCLIB are automatically authorized.

  2. SYS1.LPALIB is not automatically authorized.


  • Place only one library name and volume per card image.

  • Duplicate data set names are vaild

  • One each record specify the library name, followed by one or more blanaks, followed by the volume serial number.

  • To continue to another record, place a comma after the volume serial number.  Omit the comma on the last record.