MVS 3.8J

IEABLD00 -- List of modules in SYS1.LINKLIB (or in data sets concatenated to SYS1.LINKLIB) whose directory entries will go in a pageable or fixed BLDL table.

SYS1.LINKLIB ALLOC,ALLOCATE,E,EDIT,HEWL,                                03000003
               IEWL,IEWLF128,IEWLF440,IEWLF880,IFOX01,IFOX02,IFOX03,    03050003
               IFOX04,IFOX05,IFOX06,IFOX11,IFOX21,IFOX31,IFOX41,IFOX51, 03100003
               IFOX61,IFOX62,LINK,LINKEDIT,LOADER,                      03150003
               LOGOFF,LOGON,SUBMIT,TEST                                 03200003

Parameter in IEASYSxx:





  1. The above contents for IEABLD00 is recommended by IBM when using TSO and Batch.

  2. The TSO modules are in SYS1.CMDLIB which must be concatenated with SYS1.LINKLIB via a LNKLST member.


  • List the load module names in the same order as they appear in the data set directory.

  • Sepearte by commas.

  • You can include either major or alias names.