PICO C Interpreter with FSS Extensions
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PICOC for MVS 3.8

This is a collection of various utility programs. Source code for all utilities is available. All executables are provided as an AWS Tape Image of an IEBCOPY unload from a PDS. The original PDS is from a 3350 DASD and is blocked as 19069.

PICOC is an interesting project I came across. Here is a description of PICOC from the website (code.google.com/p/picoc).

PicoC is a very small C interpreter for scripting. It was originally written as the script language for a UAV's on-board flight system. It's also very suitable for other robotic, embedded and non-embedded applications.

The core C source code is around 4500 lines of code. It's not intended to be a complete implementation of ISO C but it has all the essentials. When compiled it only takes a few k of code space and is also very sparing of data space. This means it can work well in small embedded devices. It's also a fun example of how to create a very small language implementation while still keeping the code readable.

Picoc has been tested on x86-32, x86-64, powerpc, arm, ultrasparc, HP-PA and blackfin processors and is easy to port to new targets.

I have ported Picoc to MVS 3.8 using the JCC compiler. Several unix functions that have no direct MVS equivelant had to be disabled. Other than that it was fairly simple to port the code over to MVS. I then added extensions to use the FSS Full Screen Services library I had written.

Picoc for MVS 3.8 with FSS allows scripts to be written using standard C Language syntax and provide an easy way to interface with the terminal user using full screen layouts.

There are probably other interesting ways to use use Picoc that I have not even thought of as of yet.

The sample programs provided for FSS should run as Picoc scripts without modification.