PICO C Interpreter with FSS Extensions
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DABR - Direct Asscess File Browser
SYS-Stat - System Status

Dataset Browser

The Dataset Browser utility will display blocks of a dataset on a Dasd device. It uses EXCP and the Read Track channel command code to read the data.

Currently to browse a dataset it must be cataloged. The VOLSER parameter is ignored for all data sets except when VTOC is specified. VTOC indicates the Volume Table of Contents for the DASD volume should be read.

TTR is the relative Track-Record address of the block to be displayed.

Show Key indicates if the key portion of the block should be displayed (if the block has any key data).

Key is the length of the key data (in decimal) and Data is the length of the data portion of the block (in decimal).

CCHHR is the actual Cylinder-Head-Record address of the block.

PF Keys

  • PFK03/15   End - Return to previous screen
  • PFK04/16   Exit - Exit Browse Utility
  • PFK07/19   Scroll Up
  • PFK08/20   Scroll Down
  • PFK10/22   Previous Record
  • PFK11/23   Next Record