MVS 3.8

JES2 Commands


$AA Release All Jobs $P Purge Job
$A Release Jobs $P Stop Device
$AQ Release Queue $P Stop Remote Terminal
$B Logically Backspace A Device $PQ Purge Output Queue
$CA Cancel Automatic Commands $R Route Job Output
$C Cancel Job $S Start System Activity
$C Cancel Device Activity $SA Start Automatic Command Processing
$DA Display Active Jobs $SI Start Initiator
$DF Display Forms $SLGN1 Start JES2/VTAM Interface
$DI Display Initiators $S Start Device
$D Display Jobs $S Start Remote Terminal
$DM Display Message $TA Set Automatic Command
$DN Display Job Queue Information $TA Delete Automatic Command
$DO Display Operator Requests $T Set System Affinity
$DQ Display Number of Queued Jobs $TI Set Initiator
$DU Display Units $T Set Job
$E Restart Job $T Set Reader
$E Restart Device Activity $T Set Punch
$E Restart JES2/VTAM Interface $T Set Printer
$ESYS Restart Jobs From a Failed System $T Set Remote Console
$F Logically Advance Device $TSYS Set System
$HA Hold All Jobs $TOSC Set OS Console
$H Hold Jobs $T Set JES2/VTAM Interface
$HQ Hold Job Queues $T Set Line
$I Interrupt Device $T Set Base Job Number
$L List Job Output $T Set Console List Level
$LSYS List System Status $TM Set Message Routing
$N Repeat Output Processing $VS Issue VS Command
$O Release or Cancel Held Output $ZA Halt Automatic Commands
$P Stop JES2 Processing $ZI Halt Initiators
$PI Stop Initiators $Z Halt Device
$P JES2 Stop JES2



First special thanks to Sam Bass for providing me with the syntax information from his old

"Network Job Entry Facility for JES2 Command Language Reference Summary (1977)"


The information contained within is based on the following:

  • Syntax from Sam's Reference Card

  • Comments in the JES2 Source Code

  • What I can remember from the 70's

I know that in creating these 63 WEB pages that document the syntax that (1) I have introduced errors just by attempting to type, (2) I have probably used incorrect terminology in some places -- many years back we gave the commands our own unofficial names, (3) sometimes when trying to remember back I get confused between HASP and JES2. 


If you detect any errors or have any suggestions for updates or corrections please drop me a note at: and I will make the updates.