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Thank you for visiting the Official WEB Site of Tommy Sprinkle.  My WEB Site contains sections for many of my activities and interests.

Work In Progress Recording Studio
Being a musician I have long been attracted to the idea of recording.  With the digital technology available today it is possible to finally realize the goal of my own recording studio.  As my experience and available equipment grows I have found this to truly be a constant "Work In Progress."   I had the privilege of  working with my friends, Gray Fox Bluegrass, to help them record their first CD.  Visit the Work In Progress page for more information about my studio and my recording projects.
Herd Rock Ranch
Herd Rock Ranch is my home in the East Texas Piney Woods.  You can see some pictures of the cows and bulls.  You can even send email to the cows.  If they are in a good moooooood they might even respond.  The bulls do not read their email so do not bother sending any to them.
Retro Computing - MVS 3.8
Way back in the 1970's I had the great opportunity be involved in computing.  At that time there was no such thing as a personal computer.  It was all "Big Iron", mainframe systems that took up whole rooms.  I have been fortunate to have worked directly with various IBM 360 and 370 systems of different sizes and capabilities.  These systems ran various operating systems including DOS, DOS/VSE, VS1, MFT, MVT, SVS and the all time greatest, MVS.

Of all the operating systems I have used, I think that MVS 3.8 was the greatest.  It was a very powerful system that would run on a modest size mainframe.  Over the years MVS has been improved, expanded, and renamed but for me 3.8 was the greatest.

Now I am once again running MVS 3.8 but this time in a window on my Windows laptop system.  This amazing feat is accomplished through a free software package called Hercules.

My MVS 3.8 WEB Page has documentation for the MVS 3.8 SYS1.PARMLIB parameters that are used to configure MVS.  In addition I have documented the JES2 commands.

Light On A Hill Church
Since retiring from the software business in 2003 my new full-time job is Pastor of Light On A Hill Church in Grapeland, TX.  

Visit our Church online at and if you are ever in the neighborhood on a Sunday stop in for a visit in person.

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