Our fist macro will simply generate an Equate for each of the sixteen registers.  This allows us to refer to a register using a symbolic name.  By doing so our register usage will be in the assembler cross reference.

         @REGS ,
R0       EQU   0
R1       EQU   1
R2       EQU   2
R3       EQU   3
R4       EQU   4
R5       EQU   5
R6       EQU   6
R7       EQU   7
R8       EQU   8
R9       EQU   9
R10      EQU   10
R11      EQU   11
R12      EQU   12
R13      EQU   13
R14      EQU   14
R15      EQU   15
         MEND  ,

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